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Digidust - Strat├ęgie Marketing Marketing Strategy

Your marketing has to help you sell, whether it is your product, your brand, your ideas or your vision. We guide you on the long term, helping you to address your ecosystem and to be found on the Internet, Web or Mobile. We define Strategies you feel comfortable with and which are relevant with your specific business and goals. Then, we fine tune it by iteration, based on the first measurable results and metrics we can get.

Digidust -  Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

You have to be present online, start conversations with people interested in who you are and what you do, by bringing to them the content they need or expect from you. You have to answer their questions to generate leads or brand love. You don't need to be everywhere, but you have to be where your targeted audience is, and engage it. Of course, we can do all that for you.

Digidust -  Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing

More than 40% of your contacts are made through a mobile or a tablet. Mobile Marketing is a growing field you cannot ignore anymore. We help you to turn Mobile Web, iPhone, iPad or Android Apps into a selling machine for your company or products... and get a new stream of revenues doing so.

Digidust -  SEO / SEM / ASO SEO / SEM / ASO

"If you build it, they will come" is an old saying not working anymore on the Internet. Whatever the quality of your website or mobile application is, you need large qualified exposure on Search Engines and App Stores to turn them into success. We help you to be found, on the Web, in the Apple AppStore or in Google Play. We can define and manage your PPC campaigns to target global audiences through Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu...

UX/UI Design UX/UI Design

We love outstanding digital products, simple and efficient. We DO think it is what you need, but above all, we also think this is what your clients, users, citizens or communities are expecting from you. User Experience (UX) is key for customers acquisition and retention, and this trend is growing. You need to do it well, but also dead simple and beautiful.

Mobile iOS / Android Apps Mobile iOS / Android

Your Mobile Apps have to meet their market, whether you are on iOS or Android. Both Apple's and Google's platforms are sharing our Mobile universe, and we have decided not to choose between the two giants, both bringing unique benefits to our clients. We are designing and developing mobile applications for iOS and Android phones, and we are also working on other connected devices such as Android Wear products, AppleWatch Apps, Google Glass apps... We are more than excited by the infinite opportunities ApplePay or Apple's and Google's health kits are bringing to the game. We think it has never been so important to invest in the Mobile Ecosystem and create the new stream of revenues that will support your business tomorrow.

Web SitesSites Web

Your Website is the foundation of your online presence, and it is still a major asset of your digital marketing, despite the numerous opportunities you now have to address your audience. We work hard to make sure your visitor's first feeling is the right one, and also that he will find what he's looking for easily. Your website has to be the dynamic extension of the tremendous efforts that you do everyday for your company or public institution to meet success.

Front End / Back End Front End / Back End

Websites are smarter, day after day, specially thanks to highly performant back ends which are bringing more value to the user. Whether your front end is a Website or a Mobile App, we build rock solid software architectures you can rely on, because we know a growing part of your business now comes from your digital strategy.

API & Social Media Apps API & Social Media Apps

Obviously, Data is the new oil, but you still need to be able to identify the ones you need, access them, refine them and interpret them before being able to use them for your business benefits. Eventually, you may want to invite your ecosystem to generate even more Data to serve your needs, because the bigger the better. We can make your clients' or users' experience more fun and rich on the Internet, by developing Social Media applications which are drawing in APIs more power and efficiency than ever before. Doing so, you will have better engagement with them and collect the Data you need to perfectly drive your marketing.