4 steps to build your sales pipeline on autopilot

Social Growth & Targeting


Grow your network and generate leads by connecting with the right people

Your Linkedin presence is key to your success as a business. Organic reach allows you to build a valuable network by targeting your audience at a massive scale. What we do is we help you reach your targeted audience at a massive scale.

How it works:

>> Prospect list building

You decide what buying persona / ideal prospects you want to target on Linkedin. We build this list together

Build your pipeline and increase your sales through precise targeting

61 million senior influencers and 40 million decision makers.

You can target elements such as a person’s position, industry, location, company size and many more 

Build your network with the right people

The network you are building will always belong to your personal Linkedin account

By connecting to the right people, you contribute to building your company’s brand awareness along with your personal brand

Build a powerful network of connections

How it works:

Our organic reach strategy on Linkedin targets and engages with a highly qualified audience.

We redirect your audience towards your sales funnel and we help you grow your network at the same time.

“Each scenario is different, but on average, we have been able to generate between 300-800 new highly targeted Linkedin connections per month for our clients”


Optimization benefits

Make sure your content creation efforts are profitable by increasing your visibility

Optimize the distribution of your content:

>> Turn your content production efforts into ROI

>> Ensure increased visibility within your ecosystem

>> Reach your audience

>> Generate the right interactions that will help you achieve your objective (lead generation, awareness, leadership…)

The Digidust tool allows a massive increase in exposure and engagement through a profound knowledge of the platform’s algorithm

How it works:

One process, 3 steps:

>> Definition of the content for which you want to increase your performance

>> Generation of a large number of interactions once the post is made public

>> Organic increase in terms of engagement, exposure and interactions

Leverage your content creation efforts

Creating quality content should represent a major investment for your brand

Ensuring the platform displays your content to your audience is also paramount

Reach your audience

Increasing your organic reach multiplies the chances of your message being seen by your audience and being shared within discussion groups

How it works: 

Create a lasting mechanism

The Linkedin algorithm takes into account the reach and engagement generated by your previous posts to determine the reach your new posts will generate. The tool creates an efficient mechanism that lasts

The tool we develop can generate hundreds of interactions within minutes of posting content

The volume generated makes it possible to create a sufficient overload to boost the score the LinkedIn algorithm will assign to the post. This will then ensure optimized delivery within minutes of posting content